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Amenities and Services

Our line service crew members have garnered the highest awards in aeronautics in the nation, year after year. Your safety is ensured every time you land and take off with the experience and service at Batten International Airport in Racine, Wisconsin.

Welcome to Racine

Our goal is to go above and beyond to provide the amenities, service and attention you need.

We pride in developing personal relationships with our customers, and our proprietary training program reinforce our strict quality and safety standards.


Services Provided:

  • Fueling

    • Jet A & Jet A with Prist​

    • 100LL

  • Lav service 

  • Quick Turns 

  • GPU

  • International Garbage

  • Deicing:  Type I and IV 

Aircraft Services

Aircraft Fueling 

  • JETAFuel

  • 100LL Aviation Fuel

  • Wingpoints® rewards program

  • NATA Safety 1st® certified line technicians

  • Deicing

  • GPU

  • Tie Down Space

  • ATC Services

  • LAV​

  • Quick Turns 

  • ​Coffee/Ice/Newspaper

  • International Garbage 

  • Defueling​

  • Catering Refrigeration


Batten Int’l Airport has Jeta fuel and 100LL Aviation Gasoline. Lineservice personnel are NATA trained and certified to service all types of general aviation aircraft with refueling available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Corporate and individual hangars, deicing, catering, car rental, courtesy cars and conference rooms are all available.

After Hours Call Out Fees




Pricing: $300

After first hour and fraction: $100

Pricing: $500

After first hour and fraction: $200

Pricing: $300

After first hour and fraction: $100

Flight Instruction
U.S. Customs & Border Patrol Protection

Batten Int’l Airport is also a port of entry - we will handle your international garbage disposal needs.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

(262) 633-0286

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